Workshops at WOMAD 2022

Posted on 23 June 2022

We’re delighted to announce this year’s wonderful lineup of workshops in the World Rhythms Tent and the All Singing All Dancing Tent. You can be taught by outstanding musicians and dancers from a glittering array of rich traditions and vibrant innovation, and can get up close to some of the stars of the WOMAD stage to find out what’s at the heart of their sound and style.

The WOMAD workshop programme brings the audience into direct contact with world class performers, creating unforgettable, spontaneous musical moments. Each participatory workshop is designed to give even the most inexperienced an enjoyable taste of dance, song, or groove, while at the same time even pro-level musicians and dancers will find fascinating and enriching rhythms and moves from a global selection of masterful artists.

For 2022 we’re excited to welcome a real range of performers to the WOMAD workshops stages, from bright new talents Bab L’Bluz, to master veteran Taiko drummer Joji Hirota, musician Sona Jobarteh and her son Sidiki, and everything in between! Don’t miss out Afghan folk songs from Elaha Soroor and Kefaya, Cuban and Congolese Rhumba from Grupo Lokito, Tropical Cumbia from Malphino, and Marimba Punk from Son Rope Pera. We are celebrating WOMAD’s 40th year in style in the workshops tents this year!



B.Dance will run a masterclass in contemporary Tai Chi, The Dhol Foundation will put you through your paces with their Bhangra dance workshop, and there is much more dancing to be done, with sessions from Senagalese dance officianado Aida Diop, Brazilian Dance with Mariana Pinho, Jamaican Dancehall and Urban dance workshops from Morilie Taiwo and more! WOMAD workshop favourite Abass Dodoo returns to the festival with an explosive Ghanaian percussion session, you can learn flute with Pedro Espi Sanchis, and find out about eco instruments and Congolese rhythms with Fulu Miziki Kolektiv.

With all this, and more, on offer you might be hard pressed to do anything else as there will be workshops in the arboretum and Molly’s Bar as well as in the World Rhythms and All Singing All Dancing Tents. Make sure you download the WOMAD app to see the whole workshops timetable. The app will be available closer to the festival – in a few short weeks!

This year the World Rhythms Tent is sponsored by Wooden Roots who sell, repair and teach West African drums and percussion. They will have a shop on site for you to explore in between workshop sessions.



Check out what’s coming up:
Acapella singing • Bachata • Beatbox collective • Bhangra dance • Brazilian dance • Congolese rhythms • Contemporary tai chi • Cuban and Congolese rhumba • Djembe drumming • Eco instruments • Egyptian dance • Flute workshop • Folk songs of Afghanistan • Gambian music and traditions • Ghanaian percussion • Griot traditions • Guitar and banjo playing • Iyengar yoga • Jamaican dancehall • Kora workshops • Learn the ukulele • Marimba punk • Moroccan grooves • Reggaeton • Rhythms of samba-reggae • Sabar rhythms • Senegalese dance • Shona mbira and song • Soukous dance and Congolese rumba • Street dance – popping techniques • Taiko drumming • Tropical cumbia • Urban dance • Xylophones • Zår – Sufi rhythms from Egypt

See the full music line-up here.

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