WOMAD Festival 2021 Update

Posted on 15 June 2021

Dear friends of WOMAD,

Like everyone we have been waiting for the decision on the Government’s “Roadmap” and further lock down easing. With the announced 4-week delay in the lifting of restrictions we are not able to confirm WOMAD 2021 today without understanding the realistic level of Government support in the event of a forced Covid cancellation and the basis on which large scale events are going to be allowed to proceed. 

At this time, we need to look further into the details as they come out and talk some more to our suppliers and artists to understand what we can do and how much further we can travel down this road.

Despite this frustrating delay, the confidence expressed by ministers that restrictions will be lifted in the days before WOMAD is due to go ahead has given some optimism and we are trying to establish what, if any, Government backed financial underwrite will be available to enable WOMAD to extend and manage its already considerable risk.

Of course, our priority is to be able to present a safe event and to minimise any risks to our festival family and we will work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

Thank you for your continued support we would not have got this far without the extraordinary commitment of our suppliers, artists, and you our festival fans who put your hands in your pocket and make WOMAD possible.

We will get back to you later this week.

The WOMAD Team

Update on Refunds and Rollovers for WOMAD 2021 attendees:

Today we are updating our refund request closure date to 28th June 2021, in line with the government’s latest update regarding the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions within the UK. This date is subject to change, with notice to all customers, dependent on the news presented to us by the UK government.

Please note, once WOMAD 2021 is confirmed to go ahead this July, we will no longer be offering refunds to customers.

However, we are thrilled to announce that throughout the summer in the run up to WOMAD 2021, we will be offering rollovers to WOMAD 2022 for all customers irrelevant of what reason you wish to rollover your order.