WOMAD Book Club 2022

Posted on 29 April 2022

The WOMAD Book Club returns for 2022!

3 books, one for every day of the festival, discussed with the author at 2pm in the World of Words. Grab a copy and read it before you come or buy it at the festival from Mr B’s bookshop once you’ve heard all about it.


“All Walls Collapse : Stories of Separation”

A collection of stories from 12 authors from all over the world who explore the human impact and legacy of walls, boundaries and borders, at a time when more walls are going up than being brought down.  From the Berlin Wall to the Mexican Border, and the Great Separation Wall in the West Bank to the de-militarized Zone in Korea.

All Walls Collapse brings together writing from across national and linguistic borders, and the whole book is in translation.

The book has been specially commissioned by English PEN to commemorate their centenary and in our special 40th anniversary year, WOMAD is delighted to be honouring English PEN’s 100 year anniversary as they continue to advocate for human rights, free speech and writers at risk.

You can hear one of the 12 authors of All Walls Collapse : Stories of Separation at WOMAD on Friday 29th July. Author to be announced!



“The Attic Child” by Lola Jaye

A dual-narrative historical story about two children locked in the same attic almost a century apart, told through the lens of Black British History.  This is a hauntingly powerful and unique novel about family secrets, love, loss, identity and belonging.  It is inspired by the real life Ndugu M’Hali, a young boy who was ‘given’ to explorer and journalist Sir Henry Morton Stanley as a slave in the 1800s.

Lola Jaye is an author of 6 novels and a self-help book and is also a registered psychotherapist.

Lola Jaye will be speaking at the festival on Saturday 30th July.



“Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller” by Nadia Wassef

he story of how 3 young women founded Egypt’s first independent bookstore, Dirwan.   In ten years its success meant Egypt had a Diwan bookstore in 10 different locations, and employed 150 employees.  Nadia Wassef’s memoir tell the story of this journey, and is a portrait of a country hurtling towards revolution, a feminist rallying cry, and a celebration of the power of words.

Author Nadia Wassef worked in research and advocacy for the Female Genital Mutilation Tasforce and in the Women and Memory Forum, before co-founding Egypt’s first modern bookstore with her sister, Hind. For 3 years she featured on the Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the Middle East.

Hear Nadia Wassef at WOMAD on the Sunday 31st July.


Keep your eyes peeled for the full World of Words announcement on Wednesday 4 May.

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