‘WOMAD at Home’ immersive audio series announced!

Posted on 9 September 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our exciting new immersive audio project in partnership with Real World Studios, bringing the essence of WOMAD directly to you. Featuring eight artists from a cross-section of musical genres, ‘WOMAD at Home’ offers a unique 360° listening experience designed specifically for headphones.

Funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, our ‘WOMAD at Home’ series has been recorded with world-class sound technology and brand new techniques developed at Real World Studios to offer an immersive audio experience that reaches beyond the possibilities of traditional stereo listening.

Featuring as part of the series are artists from past and future WOMAD Festival line-ups, including stars of the new London jazz movement Sarathy Korwar, Blue Lab Beats and Native Dancer, alongside the Ghanaian-British band Onipa, Welsh folk act 9Bach, Chinese classical virtuoso Cheng Yu and her ensemble Silk Breeze, and electronic music innovators Hinako Omori and Voka Gentle.

Beginning on 17th September for eight weeks, WOMAD fans can enjoy these exclusive music performances each Thursday at 8pm via athome.womad.co.uk. The audio will be broadcast live in standard and high resolution audio, and will be available to stream on-demand for seven days after it airs.

We hope that in the vacuum of live music due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this eight-part series gives you something special to enjoy, and can also get people excited about returning to live music again soon.

Chris Smith, Director, WOMAD Festival: “The goal of this project is to offer audiences a unique experience in this brave new world of online music performances. What people are missing most about being able to attend festivals such as WOMAD is the experience of being present with musicians and hearing the music live in the performance space. This is something that is difficult to recreate with basic audio/visual recordings, but with the technology and skills at Real World Studios we have been able to develop an immersive audio experience in 360° sound. This means the listener can be transported from their homes to a completely different sonic space.”

WOMAD at Home begins on Thursday 17th September at 8pm with a set by Sarathy Korwar, one of the most original and compelling voices on the UK jazz scene, and continues every Thursday at the same time for the next seven weeks. Listen for free at athome.womad.co.uk and for the best immersive experience, use your headphones!