Volunteer at WOMAD with Oxfam

Become an Oxfam festival volunteer today and make amazing things happen – not just for one weekend, but for life. Every shift you do helps people all over the world to live their lives, free from poverty. Click HERE to apply.

You’ll discover a community of like-minded people who love festivals and want to give something back. You’ll also get all the training you need, secure crew camping, a meal voucher for every shift, hot showers, toilets, tea and coffee, and phone charging.

Last year alone, over 300 people, of all ages, joined Oxfam at WOMAD as voluntary stewards. You do 3 x 8 ¼ hour shifts and the rest of the time is yours to enjoy the show. You will be asked to part with a refundable deposit equal to the price of the festival ticket which acts as an entrance bond and is returned to you after the festival.

By volunteering at WOMAD with Oxfam your time provides vital funds that could train a male or female community volunteer in Zambia to identify attitudes and behaviours that condone violence against women, so that they can promote women’s rights within the community. Or could train teachers in Bangladesh to promote safe hygiene practices both in school and in the community.

Over the last 2 years, dedicated campaign volunteers also came to WOMAD to talk to the public about Oxfam’s Stand As One campaign, which raised awareness of the suffering of refugees in Europe and aimed to change their lives for the better.

After getting thousands of signatures supporting the Family Reunification Bill the campaign is one step closer to ensuring refugees are reunited with their parents, siblings and other loved ones. We thank every one of our campaigners, stewards, and participants for supporting this action last summer.

At WOMAD this year, Oxfam campaigners will be talking about their water projects around the world. This work provides life-changing water, sanitation and more. Campaigners will be asking you to pledge your festival steps in solidarity with women and girls in Africa and Asia who travel over 8,000 steps a day simply for access to clean water. Look out for their ‘Water for Life’ campaign on-site to find out more and start a conversation.

If you’re looking to do something new this year, you can join the Oxfam volunteer team by signing up here.

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