Camping & Glamping

Camping Practicalities

Camping in the general or family campsites is free with a 4 or 3 day ticket.

People who have bought a WOMAD glamping experience can stay in the glamping campsite. No other tents are allowed.

Disabled Access
If you are disabled and require personal assistance, WOMAD has a designated disabled camping area with additional facilities to make your festival comfortable.

There are plenty of toilets on site, all emptied and cleaned regularly over the weekend by a dedicated hygiene team. We also have La Di Da Loos, for a little extra luxury, which are available in the camping area and the main arena.

Drinking Water
The many drinking water points are signposted around the campsites. It is useful to bring bottles to fill. There are also showers available.

Car Parks
We keep cars and camping separate. However, the campsite is designed so that you are able to park within a reasonable distance of your tent. If you would like to lighten your load you can hire a Cart to Camp trolley.

Fires, BBQs & Gas

  • For everyone’s safety OPEN FIRES ARE BANNED everywhere. The campsite has fire exits and clearly marked Fire Towers to spot anyone in difficulty.
  • BBQs are also not allowed.
  • Gas canisters are permitted but may be no more than 5kg (different restrictions apply for live-in vehicles).

There is a campers’ lockup at the Customer Care Centre. There is a charge of £1 per item. Please check with lockup staff for opening times. If you cycle to the festival you can also leave your bike at the Customer Care Centre. There is a charge of £1 per bike. Please bring your own bike locks.

Sound systems or amplified music are not allowed. If you spread noise pollution we reserve the right to confiscate your sound system. Please restrict drumming in the campsite to 8am – 8pm. Please take this seriously, our licence depends on it. We reserve the right to ask people persistently ignoring this to leave the festival.

There are plenty of bins around the site, clearly marked for different waste so that we can separate and manage recyclable waste offsite. Please separate your recycling to help.

If you have any further questions please email

Cart to Camp Trolley Hire

Hire a trolley to take the load…

We are pleased to welcome Cart to Camp back to WOMAD this year. You can find them at the main entrance at red gate. They offer trolley hire and ‘Chariots for Children’ and prices start from just £10.




WOMAD has a selection of quirky camping options that will make your festival experience even more special. From pre-pitched tents with comfy foam mattresses and pillows at Camp WOMAD to brightly coloured Podpads, luxurious tipis, yurts and stylish vintage airstreams, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

WOMAD Glamping is a designated area with its own security, toilets and showers. Each camping option has it’s own reception located at the entrance to the glamping area.

Choose your glamping style from the options below;



Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts

Podpads Accommodation


Phone Charging

Portable phone charging by Volt.

Stay connected at WOMAD with our exclusive WOMAD portable phone charger and swapping service provided by Volt!

You’ll get a portable phone charger, which will keep your phone or other devices powered up, right from your pocket. The charger comes with cables for all devices and when it’s empty, simply bring the charger to the booth, and they’ll swap it for a fully charged device.

Volt is powered by renewable energy. When using the service you’re making an impact that supports the movement towards a greener future!


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