The WOMAD Book Club

Join us this year for the WOMAD 2018 edition of the WOMAD Book Club. We have scoured the world for three incredible authors and we can’t wait to read them with you.

We are very pleased to present this year’s authors – Anbara Salam, Chibundu Onuzo and Roma Tearne. 

Pick a book, or all three, and read with us over the next few months.

Once you have divulged in the literary delights, meet us in the World of Worlds and take part in discussions with the authors themselves at our daily lunchtime Book Club sessions

Each book will be discussed on a separate morning at the festival – download our free festival app for the full timetable or buy a program. (App will be available for download in June – keep an eye on our social media channels or check back here to download).

The books this year are:

Things Bright and Beautiful by Anbara Salam

Anbara Salam is half-Palestinian and half-Scottish with a PhD in Theology, specialising in apocalyptic death cults.  She spent 6 months living on a small South Pacific island and it’s her experiences there that served as the inspiration for this, her debut novel.

Set in the 1950’s, newlyweds Bea and Max move to a remote island so that Max can carry out missionary work.  Amidst the rats, mosquitoes, the heat and the damp, there are much darker forces at work.  And when her husband’s illness prompts a dramatic change in his behaviour, Bea finds herself fighting for her freedom, and for her life.

Read a review of the book here

Join us on the Friday at WOMAD in the World of Worlds to discuss the book.

Welcome to Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo

Chibundu Onuzo was born in Nigeria and moved to the UK when she was 14.  She started her first novel aged 17 and when it was published 4 years later it won a Betty Trask award.

Welcome to Lagos is her second novel and is an ensemble piece about five runaways riding a bus from Bayelsa in the hope of a better life in a megacity.  The unlikely allies; a private, a housewife, an officer, a militant and a young girl, all share a need for escape and a dream for the future.

Read a review of the book here

Join us on the Saturday at WOMAD in the World of Worlds to discuss the book.

The White City by Roma Tearne

Roma Tearne is a Sri Lankan born artist and writer.  Her art has been exhibited at the Royal Academy and many of her novels have been on the award lists.

The White City is Roma’s 7th novel and is set in a permanently frozen London in a dystopian near future. Hera’s life is thrown into chaos when her brother Aslam, is arrested as part of a counter-terrorism operation. The book has been described as “a thoughtful exploration of what it is to be a migrant and the child of migrants in a time of global crisis”.

Read a review of the book here

Join us on the Sunday at WOMAD in the World of Worlds to discuss the book.


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