Erland Cooper, WOMAD at Home, 11/03, 8PM

Posted on 11 March 2021

Tonight (Thursday 11th March) WOMAD at Home returns on at 8pm with a live stream from Erland Cooper, the latest performance in the audio immersive series. The series brings together WOMAD Festival with Real World Studios, to bring the essence of WOMAD directly to an online audience.

Scottish multi-instrumentalist and contemporary composer Erland Cooper’s music is capable of transporting you to another landscape. A musician steeped in the history and geography of his native Orkney, he was able to conjure the archipelago’s people and culture through an acclaimed triptych of records. His work combines field recordings with traditional orchestration and contemporary electronic elements. Through music, words and cinematography he explores identity, memory, and place.

In this specially commissioned piece, Erland takes us on a binaural journey from London northwards to his native Orkney islands. Listeners will be encouraged to put their headphones on and enjoy a 360° immersive mix comprising exquisite musical compositions and lyrical passages, archive recordings, and sounds from the natural world.

Catch the live stream of Erland Cooper’s fully immersive recording on the WOMAD at Home site for free tonight (11th March) at 8pm. Turn your screens off, put your headphones on and enjoy this 360° audio experience which will transport you into the same space as the musicians. The session will be available to enjoy for a month after it’s initial broadcast this evening. Don’t miss out!