Deep Deep Water – A Spotify Playlist

Hotly tipped as ‘one of London’s most exciting new acts’ we are much anticipating Deep Deep Water‘s performance at WOMAD 2018. We asked the band to put together a playlist of some of their inspirations and musical loves so we could get to know them a little better. Have a read and a listen below.

Deep Deep Water perform on the d&b Soundscape stage on Friday 27th July at 8.30pm.


This playlist is all about sonic inspiration.

We have often played with a touch of 70s psychedelia, especially when we first started out. The Guitar in Khruangbin, Lady and Man, nails that vibe in a completely original way. It’s also just a great sounding rhythm section. We are playing this band a lot at the moment.

We love to blend the tones of guitar and vocals with synth – opening up new sonic possibilities while retaining the simplicity of the four-piece. Our track from Bjork, History of Touches, is the perfect example of this – the synths and samples heighten the painful and hallucinatory lyrics, without ever distracting from Bjork’s vocals. The Yabba, Battles, is the most perfect blend between guitar and synth. We’re always trying to nail that blend as a band, so this is one we look up to.

Our selections from Portishead, Broadcast, and Warpaint, are all about the vibe. They each exist in a dark, heavily affected space. This is an important part of our live sound, that we achieve through layered effects on guitar, synth, and sample.

We also take a lot of inspiration from Jazz artists – particularly our drums and vocals. Duke Ellington’s Caravan was an obvious choice for that rhythm section, and Nina Simone’s incredible Take care of Business, had to make it too. Both Nina, and Marlena Shaw, have unmistakable, even unique voices – every emotion evident and laid bare. Our vocal is always our cornerstone and carries these influences forwards.

Finally, we wanted to include Talk Talk, New Grass, as an example of a track that emerged out of studio sessions. We’d love to make an album the same way- locked in the studio for endless hours, improvising in an atmosphere of true expression. ”

DDW, summer 2018