Children’s Workshop artist call out

July 2019 will mark 50 years since the first man landed on the moon!  We want to celebrate this with a cosmic extravaganza of MOONS, PLANETS, STARS, COMETS, ROCKETS, ASTRONAUTS, ALIENS, and SCI-FI. There are no limits – the universe is your playground!

We welcome themed proposals exploring the theme of SPACE!!! for art and craft workshops of all shapes and sizes. From large-scale processional structures and costumes to small handheld pieces, as well as storytelling, mask making, face painting, song, dance, and percussion workshops – these are all welcome too!  Let your creative energy soar all the way to the moon and way beyond!

All the weekend activities build up to the children’s parade on Sunday of the festival. This is a chance for the children to show all of the objects they have created during the weekend.

All proposals to be received by 15th February:

Please include:

  • A brief outline of the workshop and any images/drawings
  • The age range for participants
  • Number of participants at a time
  • Duration of workshop
  • How many people you need to run the workshop
  • Fees if applicable


We are always interested in new and exciting workshop ideas so even if your ideas are not linked to the theme do still get in touch.




Check out the World of Children film which shows some of the great workshops we have each year at the festival.