Blue Lab Beats, WOMAD at Home – 8pm, 22/10

Posted on 22 October 2020

Tonight (Thursday 22nd October) WOMAD at Home returns on at 8pm with a live stream from Blue Lab Beats, the sixth performance in the audio immersive series. The series brings together WOMAD Festival with Real World Studios, to bring the essence of WOMAD directly to an online audience.

London duo Blue Lab Beats take jazz music into the stratosphere with a futuristic melting pot fuelled by hip-hop, Afrobeat and electronica. They represent a generation not only inspired by the forebearers of jazz, but also by the pioneers of hip-hop’s golden age.

In this session, you are invited to enter Blue Lab HQ, where they will transform the music that earned them huge radio support and over 10 million Spotify streams using a range of immersive tools and effects to create the ultimate headphone listening experience.

Catch the live stream of Blue Lab Beats’ fully immersive recording on the WOMAD at Home site for free tonight (22nd October) at 8pm. Turn your screens off, put your headphones on and enjoy this 360° audio experience which will transport you into the same space as the musicians. The session will be available to enjoy for 7 days after it’s initial broadcast this evening. Don’t miss out!