Zed Bias


DJ legend and dubstep godfather

It could be argued that Zed Bias is a walking, talking embodiment of UK dance music over the past 20 years –from drum & bass through breakbeat, broken beat, garage, grime and dubstep. Born Dave Jones (but also known by the moniker Maddslinky, along with being one half of the Phuturistix production duo), this is a man who’s been in the vanguard, at the forefront, of several movements that have redefined dance music in this country. Having hung up his DJ headphones in favour of a purely studio-based existence a few years back, we’re delighted that Zed Bias is back behind the decks. It’s his natural habitat, a place where “I can play house into electro into dubstep and it works”. In the words of Clash magazine, “his approach –upfront but subtle, bass-heavy but room for manoeuvre –has been much copied, but never bettered”.