Trash Kit


Post-punk with added African influences

When someone of such luminous indie celebrity as Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore declares his admiration for the music you make, you’ve got to be thinking you’re on the right lines. So when the trio Trash Kit learned of his patronage (“They blew me away,” he admitted), they would have had good reason to be cheerful. Not that they need high-profile endorsements, of course. Their wiry post-punk had already put them in some celebrated company (touchstones include turn-of-the-80s outfits like The Slits and The Au Pairs), but the highlife-flavoured guitar, the scuttling Tony Allen-esque drums and occasional Afrobeat horns elevates them to an even higher level. Raw and angular, but endowed with euphoric hooks, the music of Trash Kit speaks a new language. Or at least, as The Guardian suggested, it exists “to find new ways to help you to shrug off the bullshit and dance”.