Too Many T’s


Lithe and lively rap duo from Camberwell

“A joint love for hip hop and writing wicked rhymes. And being the only two rappers in Wakefield.” Asked by Zap! Bang! magazine about how they came together, it was clearly the paucity of rapping talent in a certain West Yorkshire town that put Leon Rhymes and Ross Standaloft in the same orbit. Since hooking up, Camberwell has become their manor, a much more appropriate setting for their lively, lyrically dextrous hip hop. Not that they’re all about urban angst, though. With tongue never too far from cheek, their approach offers a suggestion of how the Beastie Boys might have sounded had they hailed from south-east London. “We’re part fun, part deep,” they say, while revealing their influences to include Big Daddy Kane, Jurassic 5 and Eminem. And what’s the derivation of that curious name? “We have LOADS of t-shirts,” they laugh. “Like, warehouses full…”