The Selecter


Ever-relevant, ska-flavoured dissent

“I don’t think history repeats itself,” says Pauline Black. “We do change. But there is something going on now that is rhyming with what was happening 40 years ago.” Pauline’s band The Selecterwere born in turbulent timesand put out their first single the same month that Margaret Thatcher arrived in Downing Street. The political firmament back then required songs of dissent and The Selecter, along with their Two Tone label-mates The Specials, were on hand to provide just that. Over a series of classic pop-ska singles –Too Much Pressure, Three-Minute Hero, On My Radio–Black’s vocals articulated the collective frustration with those monochrome, no-future days. They spoke directly to the disaffected youth of Britain and, in our own turbulent times four decades on, can speak directly to us too. The sharpness of The Selecter’s message ensures they are no heritage act. Their relevance continues.