The Mauskovic Dance Band


Tropical space-disco

From their name, you might expect the Mauskovic Dance Band to be an ensemble paying homage to the Gypsy music of the Balkans. But your expectations would be misplaced. Instead, this bunch from Amsterdam look west for inspiration, specifically towards the musical hubs of New York City and South America. The combination of their energy, enthusiasm and music taste has resulted in something hopelessly infectious –a groove-heavy soundclash of no-wave dance punk, tropical rhythms, psychedelia and space-disco. Their self-titled debut album, released on the super-cool Soundway label, was a brilliant statement of exactly what the five-piece are all about –as was the description of it by IDJ magazine which called it “a gloriously percussive and out-there blend of ESG-style heavy bass, echo-laden multi-lingual vocals, meandering ’70s Moog solos, Afro-fired guitar licks and sweaty South American rhythms”. Take cover, or embrace the glorious chaos.