Taxi Kebab

France / Morocco

Heavy electronica from North Africa

“Disorientated and disoriental.” This is how Taxi Kebab describe both the effect that their music can have and the sound it makes. The songs of this duo –Leïla Jiqqir and Romain Henry –are of North Africa, while at the same time they aren’t, thanks to the deeply inspired collusion between Romain’s layered synths and Leïla’s vocals in darija, a vernacular form of Arabic spoken in Morocco. We’ve known plenty of collaborations between Africa and Europe over the years, but this is among the most impressive, with ventures into psych and krautrock thanks to the addition of a fuzzed-up buzuq, an Arab lute. The pulsing electronica of their song Lmcho w Rijou3 makes it sound as if Kraftwerk or Giorgio Moroder is at the controls, while Ttabla feels like Hot Chip have come on board. Indeed, their first release for Real World, Ardina, would be how Vince Clarke’s back catalogue might sound were he from the Maghreb.