Self-diagnosed “frenzied hyper klezmer

“This is a warning: of all the artists to admire and be thrilled by this weekend, make sure you’re prepared when Tantz come on stage. This will not be the time to gently spread out the picnic blanket, ready for some mellow, contemplative and soothing sounds to accompany a snack and a drink. Tantz are men of action, of energy, of wild spirit. Formed in Leeds but now resident in London Town, breakneck klezmer and Balkan beats are the stock in trade of this exuberant six-piece, with unhinged clarinet and spiralling fiddle taking centre-stage. They are a relentless, pedal-to-the-metal juggernaut of sound, imbibed with a high-stepping, shirts-off ska-punk energy. No-one’s bottled their essence in three words or fewer than the Tantz lads themselves: “frenzied hyper klezmer”. Yup, that pretty much nails it. No further questions. But, we repeat: this is not music to eat picnics by.