Sugarhill Gang & The Furious Five


Hip hop legends don’t stop

“I said-a hip, hop, the hippit, the hippit/ To the hip hop hop-a you don’t stop the rock / It to the bang-bang boogie, say up jump the boogie / To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.” As first verses in popular music, this one carries a certain significance. In 1979, three young men from Englewood, New Jersey –Michael ‘Wonder Mike’ Wright, Henry‘ Big Bank Hank’ Jackson and Guy ‘Master Gee’ O’Brien –created musical history.

Known as The Sugarhill Gang, the trio created history when their irresistible Rapper’s Delight broke into the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the first-ever hip hop record to do so. It was the starting gun on a musical revolution that would, over time, see hip hop become the most dominant genre of music on the planet. Although Hank is sadly no longer with us, expect Wonder Mike and Master Gee to deliver a set of old-school hip hop classics.