The indie-folkists bid a fond farewell

Not many bands have taken inspiration from TV weather reports when choosing their name. Oxford indie-folkists Stornoway took theirs from the remote town in the Outer Hebrides that often appears at the top of Thomas Schafenacker’s map (“We get this wonderful free promotion every time there’s a weather report…”). But there’s no need for free promotion for much longer. Twelve years after first gracing our stages, it’s time to say a long goodbye to the quartet, as their Charlton Park set will be their last-ever appearance together. Over the years, a string of much-heralded albums has prompted cascades of praise to be poured over the boys. The Guardian declared them “triumphantly expansive”, while the NME described the experience of their live gigs as akin to “being in on a special secret, part of a clan with its own traditions and ideologies”. One last gathering of the clan awaits.