Sarathy Korwar


Indo-jazz goes electronic

US-born, India-raised and London-living, Sarathy Korwar is making some of the most potent music to currently come out of our capital. An outstanding percussionist, he is redefining Indo-jazz, that cross-breed born in the 1960s. In Sarathy’s fast-moving hands, it has very much become the soundtrack of here and now, fused with electronics and Indian hip-hop to brilliant effect. And the critics have been lining upto heap praise on his shoulders. Electronic Soundmagazine gushed about this “adrenalised, percussion-led, consciousness-raising thrill ride”, while Mojodeclared that Sarathy’s “rhythmically intense, entrancing vision adds a whole new spin to the Indo-jazz continuum”. His second album, last year’s pointedly titled More Arriving, showed an acute political edge as it revealed Sarathy’s experiences of living as an Indian in the UK. As such, it’s a vital despatch, a crucial piece of reportage, on the state ofour nation and the state of our times.