Heavy beats from the Ugandan underground

Over the last couple of years or so, the sharpest music coming out of Africa has arguably been from Uganda, not previously a musical hotspot from where European ears are listening. One of the main reasons for this is the Nyege Nyege collective, the loose amalgam of like-minded souls behind both the Nyege Nyege Festival and Nyege Nyege Tapes, the label releasing the cream of the East African electronic underground. Nihiloxica (pronounced Nii-lox-ee-ca) are one of the leading lights of both the label and the burgeoning Kampala electronic scene known as Boutiq Electroniq. The project is a heavy and mesmeric meeting of traditional Bugandan drums and a razor-sharp techno sensibility that instantly gets under your skin and refuses to leave. As Pitchfork called it, their debut EP has “an eerie, almost gothic cast, with digital synths fizzing and rumbling around hypnotic, polyrhythmic grooves”.