Nabihah Iqbal (DJ)

Pakistan / UK

Sharply contemporary synth-pop and shoegaze

Many of the best musicians have interesting back stories or parallel lives which produce of deep well of experience from which inspiration can be drawn. Nabihah Iqbal is one of these. As well as being a notable musician/DJ/producer (formerly trading under the name Throwing Shape), she holds an MPhil in African history, is a qualified lawyer and holds a black belt in karate. Thankfully Nabihah also finds time to make some impeccable records, her art being praised in all quarters, including Pitchfork who declared her “a pop auteur and songwriter of impressive emotional heft”. These records –showcasing a sharp mix of synth-pop, shoegaze and post-punk –sidestep lazy preconceptions of what a British-Asian musician should sound like. “Just because I have an Asian name,” Nabihah wrote in Dazed, “and just because of the way I look, that does not mean that my music needs to sound a certain way. My music is not defined by my race and my heritage.”