Playful cumbia with modern touches

Malphino aren’t waiting around for the call from Lauren Laverne that will request their pleasure on her remote desert island and, more importantly, ask them to reveal the soundtrack that will ease their time in solitary. This London collective have already let us know their musical preferences –and, lo and behold, it all comes from their very own hand, having labelled themselves “an outernational, mystical band from an imaginary tropical island that has dreamt up a cinematic score and audio backdrop to their idyll”. And that score is shot through with a tropical vibe, being a deliciously relaxed helping of cumbia, the lolloping sound of Colombia. Theirs is a deeply attractive take: as well as flavoursome accordion fitted as standard, there are also liberal servings of ’60s psych organ and pulsing electronics. With this oozing out of the island’s speakers, that SOS signal doesn’t need to be sent.