Lova Lova

Democratic Republic of Congo

When Kinshasa went rock

Wilfried Luzele answers to plenty of names and monickers: Primacuria, Muta Wa Ngozi, Sorcier d’Art, Monster, Double King… But it’s as Lova Lova that he demands our attention. To be honest, he’s tricky to ignore in his trademark cyber-punk specs and distinctive scarlet tunic. He treads territory that few of his compatriots have before –musically he’s a man for whom mashing together punk, dub, dancehall, rock and some of those deliciously wiry Congolese guitar lines makes perfect sense. Singing in Lingala and French, Lova Lova’s songs –often delivered in a deep rasp –rage against the ills faced on the streets of his hometown Kinshasa, in particular the spectres of pollution and corruption. Also a contributor to the city’s counter culture through his visual art, this is man reinventing the music of Kinshasa, one rebel yell at a time.