Johanna Juhola Reaktori


Bright and bold take on tango

If you thought that tango was a musical genre that was trapped in amber, its evolution remaining undisturbed and unchanged since the style’s peak in the early 20th century, think again. And again and again. For instance, in the hands of Finnish accordionist Johanna Juhola, it becomes a music reshaped and redefined as a Scandinavian sensibility adds a new palette of colours to the totemic sound of Argentina. This isn’t tangos museum exhibit. Rather, it’s a live, kicking and ever-evolving take on that highly dramatic sound, as Johanna’s quartet Reaktori guide it down some new roads. Bright, brash and inventive, they reveal an ambition both untrammelled and untamed, taking tango into electronica and folk-rock quarters, as well as stopping off in Ireland, midway between Johanna’s homeland and Buenos Aires. You’d be well-advised to jump on board.