Hatis Noit


Extraordinarily experimental vocal artist

When your music has won over the ears of such diverse men of taste as David Lynch and Rick Rubin, it’s safe to say that your aural creations are standing out from the herd. And the aural creations of Hatis Noit indeed do just that. Signed to the profoundly experimental Erased Tapes label, she is herself a profoundly experimental vocal artist, her voice her only instrument. By looping it, she produces the effect of being surrounded by a multitude of voices when she’s only a choir of one. The soundscapes created are ethereal and other-worldly, drawing from Gregorian chants, Japanese classical traditions, avant-garde adventurism and the kind of close harmonies found on that tremendous Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares album. As the Drowned In Sound webzine proclaimed, “Hatis Noit bends her vocals into so many shapes that other instruments simply seem redundant”.