Grupo Lokito

UK/DRC/Colombia/Venezuela/Kenya via London

Where the Congo meets Cuba

Salsa and Congolese rumba have always been close bedfellows. Despite being an ocean apart, that’s unsurprising. Both styles were, after all, born out of Cuban son. The sound of Grupo Lokito acknowledges this shared tradition, fusing together the irresistible rhythms of Kinshasa and Havana. It’s a red-hot concoction that never fails to set dancefloors ablaze. Formed more than 15 years ago in London Town by keys player Sara McGuinness and singer Jose Hendrix Ndelo, the band has prospered ever since, drawing from the cream of ex-pat Congolese musicians now calling the capital home. With diamond-hard drums, elastic piano runs and the sweetest of weaving guitar lines, theirs is a sound that’s seasoned over time, a ripe and impossible-to-ignore dance party. Let your ears –and your feet –be transported straight to the beating heart of Kinshasa.