Gonne Choi

South Korea

Singer-songwriter and her universal songs

As an acoustic guitar-toting troubadour, Gonne Choi took a long and winding musical road to where she is today. From playing traditional Korean instruments as a child, she then entered the world of opera before joining a proper-job hardcore rock band. But those are mere way-markers on her musical CV. Now she’s exactly where she belongs. The true beauty of her art is that Gonne keeps things simple and stripped back; she understands the power and purity that the combination of an uncomplicated melody and a heart-melting voice can deliver. Clearly a student of Joni, Norah and Carole, her bell-clear vocals cut to the quick, offering vignettes of everyday life that speak to the universal. That she’s not writing these delicate gems in her first language just adds to their shine.