Gilberto Gil & Family


The godfather of Brazilian music

“We can’t be controlled by the traditional way of doing things forever,” Gilberto Gil once declared to The Guardian. “We have to look afresh at traditions, in the same way we have to look afresh at ourselves.” After eight decades on this planet, Gilberto remains a man who has always looked afresh at himself, at his place in a changing world. His has been a life less ordinary: the counter-culture forced into exile from his native Brazil back in the ’60s; the troubadour who then fundamentally reshaped Brazilian music and became a worldwide star; the musician who took on a double life as minister of culture. Gilberto has always looked ahead, his gaze fixed on the horizon, but for this show –entitled ‘Nós a gente’, or ‘We the people’ –finds him in the company of his musically literate extended family, reflecting on the songs that turned a world on it axis.