Fulu Miziki Kolektiv

Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa’s eco groove machine

Some bands opt for oblique, obscure names, shrouding them in self-conscious mystery. Others plump for monikers that do exactly what it says on the tin. Fulu Miziki took the latter course –their name roughly translates as “music from the garbage”. For this Kinshasa eight-piece uphold the city’s recent trend of DIY musical culture –that is, recycling materials by inventively fashioning them into musical instruments, mainly those of a percussive nature. And the sound that these sonic eco-warriors make is thrilling, propulsive and wonderfully hypnotic. Fronted by their fabulously fast-tongued vocalist, the bleach-blond Piscko Crane, the band recently entered a recording studio for the first time, after nearly two decades of exclusively performing live. The result, the Ngbaka EP, brilliantly marries their exultant rhythms with an urgent, planet-saving message. Groove is in their hearts.