Boundary-free, experimental folk

It might seem a little strange for an Eastern European folk band to reference one of the American South’s greatest-ever writers in their name, but that’s what Folknerydo –it’s a near-portmanteau of ‘folklore’ and ‘Faulkner’ (as in William). And just as Faulkner was a novelist who favoured experimentalism over orthodoxy, Folknery don’t travel down well-trod roads either. Formed 13 or so years ago by Volodymyr Muliar and Yaryna Kvitka, ‘Ukrainian free folk’ is the band’sown description of their sound and, indeed, collectively they knowfew boundaries, branching out from the folk traditions of their homeland to absorb elements from all over, be that African djembe drums or Australian didgeridoo. Untrammelled and unrestrainedis what they are. The cinematic feel of many of their songs resonates with themes of travel and escape, and thus carry undeniable poignancy in the face of the ongoing Russian occupation.