Bess Atwell


Sussex singer-songwriter with the purest of voices

Many singer-songwriters like to keep their creations apart from the real world. Not so Bess Atwell. Here’s an artist who’s not afraid to set her songs in the here and now, in what’s close around her –hence her song Co-op being about the convenience store across the road from her flat. As she told Impose magazine, “I want to ground universal yet intangible human emotion to the mundane”. Now resident in Brighton having grown up on the South Downs, Bess’s craft is informed by musical heroes like Johnny Flynn, Bon Iver and Sharon Van Etten. Her music will invariably be posted in the pigeonhole marked ‘indie-folk-pop’, but it’s several steps above the usual fare. Guitars attractively shimmer, while Bess’s pure, unaffected vocals offer some sage reflections on life from one so young. AsThe Guardia noted, hers is“a voice like slow, cool water”. Great things surely beckon.