Deeply imaginative contemporary dance

Formed in 2014 by the young, but hugely celebrated, Korean choreographer Po-Cheng Tsai, B.Dance are a dance troupe who constantly surprise, who never stand still. Absorbing contemporary dance, traditional Asian dance and the movements of martial arts into their work, their performances are a mine of delicious contradiction –balletic yet urgent, graceful yet explosive. These works capture and provoke the full range of human emotion, ranging from the tender Whisper Of The Eyes to the understandably more visceral and frantic Rage. And, with dance being a universal language, B.Dance have drawn emotional responses wherever they’ve performed. The critic Sarah Batschelet has praised their “unbounded energy, precision and insight into what defines the human body”, while The Scotsman praised Po-Cheng Tsai’s creative power, declaring that “his ability to constantly change direction and re-energise both the dancers and us is superb”.