Alban Claudin


Beguiling piano instrumentals

“I wanted the production to singularise my music,” says Alban Claudin of his debut album, It’s A Long Way To Happiness. “Even though it is only 300 years old, the piano has been exploited in all possible forms and it is very difficult to reinvent this instrument, to make something that has not been done before.” With his Small Faces haircut, this young man is certainly giving it a good go with his instrumentals –whether original creations or reworkings of the likes of Claude Debussy –are delightfully open and audacious, light but with gravitas, often mournful but also life-affirming. It’s small wonder that he’s in high demand for soundtrack work. The reviews of that debut album have been unfailingly positive. Le Figaro believed the record to be “radiant”, while France Inter encapsulated the essence of Alban’s beguiling music the best: “an album with no voice but definitely not silent”.