A Certain Ratio


Manchester post-punk/funk pioneers

The band whose first single was also the first 45 released by soon-to-be-legendary Factory Records, A Certain Ratio hold a strong place in the hearts of those of a certain vintage. Along with their contemporaries 23 Skidoo and The Pop Group, this was a band who –splicing together post-punk with funk, dub and disco –were very much ahead of their time. It turned out that you could like Joy Division and George Clinton. Alongside their long association with Factory, ACR have a history with WOMAD too, having played at our festival on Mersea Island back in 1985 on a Manchester-heavy bill (New Order, James, The Fall…) that also included Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Congolese band-leading legend Franco and The Pogues. Music writer Dave Simpson recalls their Mersea Island set as “one of the most life-affirming celebrations of dance music I have ever seen”. And so, after more than 35 years of being away, it’s great to welcome them back to their second home. It’s been too long!