9Bach, WOMAD at Home – 8pm, 29/10

Posted on 29 October 2020

Our ‘WOMAD at Home‘ series returns tonight (Thursday 29th October) with a new performance from 9Bach. 9Bach’s session comes as the penultimate instalment of our new immersive audio series, bringing together WOMAD Festival with Real World Studios, to bring the essence of WOMAD directly to an online audience.

9Bach’s music is an atmospheric, evocative and emotional hybrid of the Welsh folk tradition, and of contemporary influences and working practices. Building on a deepened, almost ambient sound picture, the songs take you into the landscape and the emotions that it evokes.

9Bach’s WOMAD at Home session is a journey through rural North Wales, capturing Lisa Jên Brown’s haunting vocals in unique acoustic spaces. Through music and chat, 9Bach bring to life the history and folklore of their locality.

Catch the live stream of 9Bach fully immersive recording on the WOMAD at Home site for free tonight (29th October) at 8pm. Turn your screens off, put your headphones on and enjoy this 360° audio experience which will transport you into the same space as the musicians. The session will be available to enjoy for 7 days after it’s initial broadcast this evening. Don’t miss out!