World of Children – Workshop Artists Wanted!

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World of Children – Workshop Artists Wanted!

Call out to workshop artists!
Applications close on February 23rd.

We are looking for themed proposals based around the ‘insect world’ for art and craft workshops of all shapes and sizes.

From large-scale processional structures to costumes and even small, hand held pieces and from story telling to mask making, face painting, song, dance and percussion workshops – anything goes!

At WOMAD 2018 we want to highlight the world of insects and their hugely important role in the ecosystem.

All the weekend’s activities build up to a parade on the Sunday and we’d LOVE to hear your ideas. Love them, hate them or eat them – we all need insects! So from googly eyed bugs and praying mantises to beautiful butterflies just let your imagination soar and get in touch!

All proposals are to be received by 23rd February 2018.

Please include:
A brief outline of workshop and any images / drawings
Age range for participants
Number of participants at a time
Duration of workshop
Fees if applicable


We are always interested in new and exciting workshop ideas so even if your ideas are not linked to the theme of the insect world do get in touch.