Adult Workshops

The WOMAD workshop programme has been an integral part of every WOMAD festival since 1982. For everyone, including the artists themselves, one of the most enjoyable and popular aspects of each WOMAD festival is its programme of workshops and artist dialogues aimed at everyone with a love of the Arts and Performance.

And so, the delightful workshop areas - 'All Singing, All Dancing' and 'World Beats' are very special venues on the WOMAD festival map. Home to the adult workshop programme, this is where audiences have the chance to step into the world of the artist.

The stories behind the music, the techniques behind the dance, the passion for percussion and the journeys that have been made to reach this point all will be revealed in this year's workshop programme, from Solomon Islands to Finland with the Congo and Mali in between. WOMAD artists are here to share their love of music and performance and offer insight into the musical landscapes that they inhabit.

Come and join in. Must bring your dancing feet and all the rhythm you can muster.