Volunteering terms and conditions

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Volunteering terms and conditions
  • I am entitled to carry out voluntary work in the UK.
  • I am, or will be, 18 years old or over on the first day of working at WOMAD.
  • I will conduct myself in a professional manner whilst representing WOMAD festival.
  • I will comply with all the festival policies, both on and off shift.
  • I will do nothing to endanger the safety of myself or other people.
  • I will remain unintoxicated whilst, or immediately prior to stewarding . The festival reserves the right to have anyone found on shift under the influence of any intoxicating substances, or behaving in a manner that constitutes poor conduct, immediately removed from the festival site, and their deposit forfeit.
  • The festival organisers are not responsible for the personal possessions off volunteers at the festival – please take care of your belongings.
  • I will familiarise myself with the festival’s health & safety policy prior to volunteering, and am prepared to wear all protective equipment issued to me where appropriate on shift i.e high vis tabard, ear defenders.
  • I will report for my volunteering duty on the days and times agreed and complete all allotted shifts.
  • I will forfeit my deposit if I fail to attend the festival or my shifts without notifying the stewarding organisers of a change in my circumstances.
  • I give WOMAD permission to contact all parties listed on my application form and request information directly related to my role as a steward, in line with the purpose for which the details were provided.