Volunteering FAQs

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Volunteering FAQs

Q: What is volunteering?
A: Volunteering is about doing something interesting and sometimes challenging, carrying out a role that helps someone, an organisation or a cause. It is unpaid, but you may receive some food and drink, depending on the role.

Q: Who can volunteer?
A: Most people with the right to work in the UK are also entitled to volunteer. There are no other barriers, although some roles require special skills.

Q: Can I enjoy the event whilst volunteering?
A: Yes! We ask that you take your role reasonably seriously while on shift, but while off shift you are welcome to enjoy the event.

Q: How much do I have to do?
A: Roles differ, but most require 2 or 3 shifts to entitle you to remain at the event. Some shifts may be at night and may be shorter or entitle you to shorter day shifts. Some shifts may be in the days before or after the Event is live.

Q: When is the Event?
A: 27th – 30th July 2017 (but you may be asked to volunteer outside of these dates)

Q: Am I an Event employee?
A: No. Volunteers are not employees. You don’t get paid, but you are treated as a valued team member and your contribution will always be respected.

Q: Do I get paid anything?
A: No. If we paid you anything at all, you would be an employee.

Q: Do I get fed or given accommodation?
A: Some roles may give you food on the days you are volunteering. All volunteers are entitled to camp at the festival.

Q: Do I have to give a deposit?
A: Yes. We need to be sure that when we offer someone a place, they are committed to the arrangement. Details are sent to you once you are accepted. We ask for a post-dated cheque or a bank transfer of £150.

Q: How can I lose my deposit?
A: If you do not come to the festival at all or do not carry out all the shifts you agreed to, you may lose some or all of your deposit, at our discretion.

Q: How do I get my deposit back?
A: If you pay your deposit via bank transfer it will be refunded directly within a week of the end of the event. Cheques will be handed back at the end of your last shift.

Q: Can I volunteer with my friends?
A: Yes! Carefully list your friends names in the appropriate field in the application form. You can also choose a Volunteer Group name that you each input into the Volunteer Group box on the field. This will make it easier for us to put you together.

Q: Can I make new friends when I volunteer?
A: Yes! If you normally volunteer alone, tell us on the form, and indicate that you want to be paired up with other solo volunteers, and we’ll try to put you together.

Q: I have some medical issues. Can I volunteer?
A: Yes! We can’t promise to cater for everyone, but we will make reasonable adjustments to allow as many people as possible to get involved. Some roles will be harder to adjust than others, but we always try.

Q: Can I appeal a retained deposit?
A: You may write to us to explain any special circumstances if you feel you have been unfairly treated and we will consider your appeal and any response we give will be final.

Q: Why do you take references?
A: For some roles we contact your references to check they agree you can help.

Q: Why do you need my doctor and next of kin?
A: In large events there are occasions where someone has an accident and we take our responsibility seriously, and try to contact your doctor and someone who can come and assist.