Reviews of WOMAD 2017

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Reviews of WOMAD 2017

MCR Live
the most experimental event I’ve ever come across….Cultures and genres of all kinds came together in one big pool to create a squishy, malleable, wonderful experience for all. Everyone was knee-deep in the same cultural mixtures, and everyone loved it. …upon my departure of the site…as bags on legs made their way past me I heard pure delight. ‘The best WOMAD in years!’ was just one exclamation of many”.

“WOMAD is the cool aunt of festivals. It’s chilled, deceptively chilled in fact, because it’s actually so easy to get into the groove. This is a festival where everyone is free to be themselves, and to enjoy things that they’ve never seen or even heard of.

The Guardian, Robin Denselow, 4 Stars
“..A knock-out celebration of global sounds

I, Bernadette McNulty, 4 Stars
Music from this world and far out galaxies”

There was as much cutting-edge electronica on the bill as traditional music, with the most exciting acts borrowing from both.”

“One of the reasons for the Wiltshire festival’s success is how effortless it makes the experience of moving around site, with few of the queues or endless yomps to get from one stage to another and none of the corporate branding or terrible food and drink that mar so many others.”

The Arts Desk, Tim Cummings
“Womad is embedded into British festival culture, flying the flags of a musical multiculturalism that is about breaking down barriers and building new relationships. It’s not something you want to lose”

“While WOMAD is in part a jubilant, ebullient escapism into a big borderless world via its music, it is also a socio-political movement, its thriving existence here and worldwide a testament to an embracing liberalism that is under siege.”

“It’s the sound of a world without borders”