Cart to Camp and Trollies for little ones

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Cart to Camp and Trollies for little ones

Lighten the load by hiring a cart to wheel your stuff to your camping spot.

Price: £10.00 for 1 hour 30 minutes (minimum hire) then ADD £5.00 per 30 minutes thereafter. Cart-to-Camp is located near the main entrance to Red Campsite.

REMEMBER to bring a CASH ONLY deposit of £50.00 (fully refunded) PLUS £10 hire charge – no cards or other forms of ID are accepted – once the trolley is returned your deposit is returned less the hire charge.

Happy hauling!

Night trolley hire/Chariots for children

It’s great to have your little ones at the festival… until bedtime. That band you desperately wanted to see at 8pm will just have to wait. Or will it? Cart-To-Camp Chariots for Children can help!

Either hire a plain trolley and cosy it up with your own toasty bedding and customise it with lots of fun items on sale such as twinkly lights, feathers, bunting etc. You can even add an inflatable airpet! Bring the whole family more freedom during the evening and let your children experience the excitement of riding around or dozing off in them.

Hire a trolley overnight or for as many nights as you like (Deposit required).


Chariots for Children commence from Friday 10am (subject to availability)
Pre-booking also available at (subject to availability)

Chariot with canopy and trolley liner: Bring your own bedding
Night hire £25.00 (from 6pm to 10am) OR 1 Day hire £25.00 (from 10am – 6pm) Deposit £100.00

Plain trolley: Bring your own bedding
Night hire £15.00 (from 6pm to 10am) OR 1 Day hire £15.00 (from 10am to 6pm) Deposit £50.00

Airpet £5 each – the kids choose the pet and it gets inflated with helium.  The pet floats above the ground and they either tie the pet to the trolley to follow them wherever they go or take it for a walk – great fun!

Dressing up items for the chariots such as twinkly solar lights, bunting, feathers, etc. will also be available for sale at the stall.