Top Ten Hidden Gems

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Top Ten Hidden Gems

There is a whole world of hidden gems to discover over the weekend at WOMAD, but we have unearthed a small selection for you to get you started.

  1. Lyrics master class with Chris Difford from Squeeze: Cool For Cats, Slap and Tickle, Up The Junction – Squeeze has become somewhat of a household name. Chris Difford, one of the founding members, has gone on to work with the likes of Jools Holland, Wet Wet Wet and Elton John. He will be running a lyrics master class on Friday at 11am in the Global Voices tent for all of the budding ballad writers.
  2. B-More Beatboxing: Have you ever listened to a beat boxer and thought, how is that done? Well this is your chance. In the World of Children on Friday at 3pm and Saturday at 1.30pm, B-More Beatboxing will be running a session for little ones to learn how to make beats just using their mouths.
  3. Bamba Wassoulou Groove: This is a CD that has been played a lot in the office. There has been a long lineage of Malian guitarists and Bamba Wassoulou Groove is not only intrinsically part of that lineage with direct links to The Super Djata Band and the legendary Super Rail Band, but they continue to push the music on to new psychedelic places. Big tip!
  4. Jazz Pianist Al Blatter duets with CERN’s Cosmic Piano: One of the greatest achievements in recent times can be easily claimed by the good people at CERN. Creators of the Large Hadron Collider and the finders of the illusive Higgs Boson Particle they have firmly placed themselves as key players in the advancement of science. They will be gracing the Physics Pavilion all weekend and in amongst their array of scientific instruments is the CERN Cosmic Piano, an instrument that is triggered when particles hit different sensors. Playing improv style with the CERN piano is the legendary jazz pianist Al Blatter adding even more cosmic vibes.
  5. Lemn Sissay: The headliner of the Hip Yak Poetry Shack, Lemn Sissay has been a force to reckon with for a number of years. With fingers in lots of cultural pies Lemn has been known to write books, poems, plays, produce pieces of public art and make music. He is a very talented man. Catch him in the arboretum for some golden lines on current issues.
  6. Steven Moffatt: The Science of Dr Who: Steven Moffatt has written some of the best TV on the BBC. With Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes in that repertoire you cant really argue. In this session in the Physics Pavilion on Sunday at 4pm he will be chatting to Professor Roger Jones about the science in Dr Who. For fans of the show this is a one off opportunity.
  7. Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Re:Bourne: Matthew Bourne is a revered choreographer in the ballet world, smashing traditional preconceptions about ballet and simultaneously tackling gender constraints. His Re:Bourne project seeks out fresh talent and over the weekend his crew of insanely talented dancers will be teaching dances from some of his most famous productions such as, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty. Bring your ‘good toes and naughty toes’ to a beginner’s ballet class from the best in the land.
  8. Stuart McCallum: Everyone has heard of Cinematic Orchestra right? Well Stuart McCallum, their ex-guitarist, is playing twice over the weekend, firstly as part of his new band released through Real World Records, The Breath, and then as a solo performance. Stuart will be playing on the Bowers and Wilkins stage on Sunday at 2pm which features some excellent music that although could be considered similar to Cinematic, has been progressed with Stuart’s superb musicianship.
  9. The Hairy Bikers and Abass Dodoo: Everyone’s favourite chefs The Hairy Bikers will be cooking up a feast at Yalumba Taste the World. They have been on a mission to find the tastiest chicken and egg dishes from across the world and will be bringing their findings to WOMAD this year. Accompanying them will be the sounds of the djembe drum from Abass Dodoo to make this a very special occasion.
  10. Zimbabwe Singing Workshop: Bruno Ashley will be leading a lively workshop teaching the singing styles of Zimbabwe on Saturday in the World Rhythms tent. Swing by to learn some singing skills from a new perspective. The World Rhythms tent will host workshops all weekend from bands performing on other stages and our pick of teachers covering all things musical.


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