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Electrical Hook-Up for Live-In Vehicle RED


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Electrical Hook-Up is only available with the purchase of a Live-In Vehicle RED ticket. All attendees must also have a valid ticket for access to the festival.

Read our electrical hook-up FAQs below and find out how it all works.

Electrical Hook-Up FAQs

How will I find my pitch?
When you arrive staff will be there to greet you and show you to your pitch.

How will I get power?
The connection will be within 25 meters of your pitch so please make sure you bring an adequate cable.  The cable should be a 16 amp rated Ceeform single phase.

When will I have power?
Power will be provided from 12pm Thursday 26th July through until 10am Monday 30th July.

Where does the power come from?
The equipment and power supply is all from onsite generators and temporary distribution.  Whilst every practical measure is taken to ensure that the noise from these is minimal, it is not possible to soundproof them entirely.

What appliances can I use?
At any one time the total of all appliances in use for each pitch must not exceed 6 amps.  Listed below is an example of typical equipment and their power usage.

Appliance Watts Approximate Amps
Kettle 750 watts 3.3 amps
Toaster 1300 watts 5.6 amps
Microwave 1200 watts 5.2 amps
Refrigerator 125 watts 0.5 amps
Table Lamp 60 watts 0.2 amps
Heaters and Air Conditioning Because these systems often draw large amounts of power, it is recommended, where possible, that they are limited to 500 watts only.

How to Connect and Disconnect ALWAYS in this order


  1. Check your motorhome isolating switch is at ‘OFF’.
  2. Uncoil the connecting cable from the drum (a coiled cable with current flowing through it may 
  3. Take your cable and insert the connector (female end) into the caravan inlet.
  4. Insert the plug (male end) into the site outlet socket and turn it clockwise until it locks.
  5. Switch your caravan isolating switch to ‘ON’.
  6. 6 Preferably insert a polarity tester into one of the 3-pin sockets in the caravan to check all connections are correctly wired. Never leave it in the socket. The supply must not be used if the polarity is incorrect.


  1. Switch your caravan isolating switch to ‘OFF’.
  2. At the site supply socket, press the release button and withdraw the plug.
  3. Disconnect the cable from the caravan.


  1. If at any time you do not receive power or have any other electrical problem which you do not understand a qualified electrician may be needed, particularly if there is a fault that keeps recurring.
  2. If you overload your mains system a circuit breaker will disconnect your supply. Go to the external socket outlet and reset the trip switch for your particular plug socket.
  3. Please be aware if you connect faulty appliances to the system the safety devices may disconnect not only your power, but also to other outfits.
  4. Should a fault occur do not investigate anything unless you have disconnected from the supply. The trip in your van may need to be reset; know where to find it.
  5. If your cable is damaged, never cut, rejoin or tape- up and never wrap any connection in polythene sheets as the condensation that forms will easily conduct live electricity.


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