Physics Pavilion

The Physics Pavilion sits in the corner of the Arboretum in the World of Words, and returns this year with exciting demonstrations, fascinating talks, science-based comedy and an interactive quiz!

Matthew Tosh kicks things off with a fantastic new show, premiering at WOMAD, about lasers and laser effects. Matthew brings his infectious enthusiasm to the Pavilion and you are sure to be amazed at the special effects he can create.

The Physics of Food is sure to get your taste buds tingling and your brain thinking in a completely different way about cooking. Professor Peter Barham, Dr Andy Chapman and chef John Watson are going to show you how to cook meat like a scientist, what methods to use to get the best out of your vegetables, whether to salt or not salt, boil or not boil, and how to “taste” – prepare to be intrigued and tantalised!

Dr Claire Lee is taking us into Black Holes and uncovering extra dimensions in our universe. If you’ve ever wondered how space “waves” and what gravity actually is, join Claire to find out.

Freaky Clown is an ethical hacker, he’s broken into hundreds of banks, offices and government facilities in the UK and Europe to help them improve their security. Join him as he tells us about his adventures including lock picking, kidnap, police chases and multi-million-pound bank heists.

Matthew Shribman’s “Science In The Bath” will take you on an adventure of curiosity unravelling the mystery of the matter we’re made of, what it’s like to travel close to the speed of light, why we love music, and how birds can find their way in magnetic fields. Matthew is a scientist on a mission to make science as accessible as oxygen. He has over 20 million views online and more than 50k followers.

Gemma Arrowsmith is a comedy writer and performer, and has written for many TV projects including Tracy Ullman and Dave Gorman and has performed in various TV shows including Merlin, Hustle, and Vic Reeves’ Ministry of Curious Stuff. Gemma performs her one-woman show “Earthling” about the life forms in the universe that find the phonograph records from NASA’s 1977 Voyager missions, and what they make of them.

The Physics Pavilion also hosts talks on accelerators, radioisotopes, superconductors, neutron star mergers, tractor beams, football, rapping, music, magnetic fields, cloud formation and once you’ve absorbed all that, you can join our final session where you’ll be given interactive handsets to take part in the Big Fat Physics Quiz. See you there!