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World of Wellbeing

Picture yourself relaxing on the sun-dappled grass amongst trees that have stood in the ground for hundreds of years. This is WOMAD’s own arboreal sanctuary, with various tents offering a selection of treatments from massage, acupressure and shiatsu to the more unusual ‘sound baths’ – we have it all, including daily yoga sessions – and there’s even tea and cake!

Read about treatments available this year: 

Back Angels
Inversion therapy uses an inversion table to gently tilt one to an inverted angle (60 degrees max, though often not that far) yielding therapeutic benefits – primarily relief from back/neck pain, but also improved circulation, lymphatic flush, oxygenating the brain and improved posture…and almost always instant relief from sciatica…So debilitating at a festival!

The idea of hanging upside down as a remedy for back problems has been around since at least Roman times. And with good reason. The simple logic of using gravity to undo the damage that gravity itself has caused is intuitive. Like cushions on a much-loved sofa, the discs between our vertebrae become squashed and misshapen over time from the relentless downward pressure of gravity. Whilst our bodies strive to repair the damage overnight , laying in bed alleviates only 70% of the stress on our back. A fact borne out by gradual height loss as we age. Inverting frees the spine of pressure, allowing the discs to plump up and absorb fluid from surrounding tissue – freeing constricted nerves and becoming once again the springy shock absorbers necessary for a healthy back. Festivals are brilliant fun but can be hard on our backs – carrying kids, standing around, dancing, sleeping on uneven ground – Inversion Therapy can provide immediate relief to those suffering from stiff, aching backs, allowing for a better festival experience.

Sessions cost £10 and are completely hands-off, appealing to those not into the ‘touchy feely’ stuff. The actual ‘hang’ is 10 mins, however the total time incl. initial briefing, health questionnaire, after care advice etc easily takes up 15-20 mins. Weekend passes are also available for customers to hang as often as they like.

Meditate to Regenerate
We offer free meditation classes to all of your festival goers, teaching scientifically proven stress relief techniques. We give people a silent sanctuary where they can relax after a long music filled day. We have now been part of the WOMAD experience for 6 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed every year, our tent has always been very popular with many people returning throughout the week.

Massage Minute
A team of two – Bernie and Alex – offer chair massage and thai yoga massage. Come see us for help with back pain, joint stiffness, tiredness, stress and tent neck! Our focused treatments get straight to the point to help you feel better – all in time for the next band!

Wild Magical Freedom
*Shamanic Healing – Soul Retrievals, Regressions and Sound Healing Get balanced, reclaim your treasures or release your past: This healing modality uses sound and energy to restore balance across the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels and connects you in with your soul’s purpose. It can reveal the root of repeating problems and patterns or claim back treasures and parts of your soul that have been lost in your past.

*Yoga Sessions – Group or 1:1 Get embodied and in your flow as you bring intention to movement and connect mind, body and spirit through the magic of the in and out breath.

*Butterfly Life Coaching Sessions You will be facilitated in identifying ways that your past; wounds, old subconscious stories and childhood or limiting beliefs are blocking your free future. Get the tools and resources that will help you to unblock these so that you can own your past. Feel supported in clarifying  your vision of your Wild, Magical, Free future and present and identify your first action steps to rise and shine your light in the world and live your free HERE and NOW. Learn a bespoke daily practice that you can take with you to connect into your Wild Magical Freedom quest each and every day that fits exactly into your schedule and meets your specific needs. You will be empowered to create your own container that will birth the life that you want to live; supporting you to release clutter in your life so that you can reveal your truest self under all the debris.

*Small Workshops to Be Free NOW
Be guided on an exciting journey of Wild Magical Freedom to own your past and free your future; to be your present.

DNA cleanse with channelling. Using seven glass encoders Quinto will work together to cleanse negative triggers from the vibrational field of your DNA, clearing the way for you to go forward unhindered to embrace your full potential. Simultaneously Leticia will channel your ancestors, giving you feedback at the end of the session. This powerful and unique form of healing is powerful and intriguing, the feedback from your ancestors helps you to make sense of the reasons you’ve been blocked or had negative patterns repeat in your life.

Hand Reading
Chirology is the study of the weight, shape, lines and dermatoglyphics of the hand, reflecting genetic, physical, psychology and health conditions and the individual. The size and shape of the hand is determined largely by hormones, while the palmar lines are a result of the interaction between a persons brain and nervous system. The result is an incredibly unique and personal map of someone’s body and mind functions. At WOMAD you can receive individual and group readings which always draw a lot interest as well as being insightful and fun. It is great to have whole families and groups of friends see and understand each other in this objective and fascinating way.

The Crafter
Craft is good for you and beneficial to your wellbeing. We’d like to get everyone having a go at knitting, crochet, hand-sewing and embroidery. Let’s get everyone enjoying and making crafts.