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All Singing All Dancing

Come along and sing and dance your heart out at the All Singing All Dancing tent.

Join in and be introduced to songs and dance moves from all over the world. The workshops are led by a mix of experienced teachers and some of the musicians performing at the festival who will give you a unique insight into their music and culture.

Yoga workshops take place every morning, offering you some balance before heading out to enjoy the sights and sounds of the festival.

Workshop schedule

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9.30am-11.00am:
Each morning Lydia and Edgar will guide you through a different sequence of Yoga postures and relaxation. Everyone welcome, old or young, beginners and seasoned yogis alike. A great way to start the day and always popular so don’t be late! Please bring a mat or blanket if you can.

Friday 28 July

Kakatsitsi, The Gubi Family and Bwiti (Namibia)
12noon – 1pm
Learn the ancient songs of the Kalahari , traditionally used in fire-side healing trance dance ceremonies. Call and response singing, clapping and stomping dance moves are central to Southern Africa’s San people’s music.

The San are one of the earth’s oldest cultures, with a tradition of healing trance dance that dates back at least 35,000 but their culture is increasingly endangered as a result of genocide by white South African settlers and forced settlement requiring them to give up their hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Mariana Pinhoe – Samba Dance (Brazil)
Get ready to sweat, smile and shake your hips to the sweet rhythmical journey of samba! Warming up with some samba de roda from Bahia Northeast of Brazil, Mariana Pinho will take you on a dance journey that will lead up to full Rio Carnival samba mode!!!

Dayme Arocena
4pm – 5pm
Daymé Arocena is an energetic, charismatic presence in today’s Cuban music. Her diverse musical talents have already taken her into broader territories from traditional Cuban rhythms and songs into jazz and and net-soul.  As well as an amazing singer,  has also been a choir director since she was a child.  Join Daymé’s Cuban choir for the afternoon and learn some traditional Cuban heartfelt songs. Not to be missed!

6pm – 7pm
Andalucia’s Flamenco music is justly world famous, but here’s a chance to learn the dances of Central Spain- dances , such as the jota, the seguidilla and the fandango, some of which have been exported around the New World. Fiery and emotional, they are accompanied by medieval stringed instruments, and singing in old rural Spanish.

Amsterdam Klezmer Band
8pm – 9pm
Traditional Yiddish party music with a hip streetwise attitude, the AKB will demonstrate their constituent parts, from trombone to double bass, clarinet to accordion, and then proceed to tear it up, Klezmer-style!

Saturday 29 July

Ifriqiyya Electrique ( Tunisia, Italy and France)
One of 2017’s most exciting new discoveries, Ifriqiyya Electrique present a wild, heavyweight re-working of deep Sufi trance rhythms from North Africa.  The band’s Tunisian Banga musicians (like Morocco’s Gnawas, descendants of sub- Saharan Africans brought to north africa as slaves) will demonstrate and explain their ritual dance music with bass drums and metal castanets.

Khmer Rouge Survivors (Cambodia)
Cambodia’s incredibly rich culture is relatively unknown in the West- here’s a chance to hear some traditional flute playing, to hear and learn about “Smot ” singing , a Buddhist form which speaks of impermanence and the afterlife, and to learn some traditional Cambodian Dance, which brings to mind the wonderful artistry of  the Angkor Wat Temple complex and the depth of the culture which produced it.

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella workshop
Step back in time and experience a creative, dance based workshop, inspired by the themes of Matthew Bourne’s magical incarnation of the classic fairy-tale Cinderella. New Adventures’ production of Cinderella is a thrilling and evocative journey through London during the Second World War. Bourne’s interpretation of Prokofiev’s haunting score has, at its heart, a true wartime romance. A chance meeting results in a magical night for Cinderella and her dashing young RAF pilot, together just long enough to fall in love before being parted by the horrors of the Blitz.

Canalon de Timbiqui (Colombia)
The rolling, lilting sound of Colombia’s Pacific coast is presented by this band of five female singers backed by marimba and percussion. In this workshop they will explain how the the structures of their rhythms , instruments and songs work, and then you join the band and play with them!

King G Mall & The Dhol Blasters – (India)
If you don’t know how to dance Bhangra, you need to learn- there’s no better opportunity than this-  Master of the Indian Dhol drum, King Gurcharan Mall and his Dhol Blasters unleash Bhangra on WOMAD  with a dance workshop in the All Singing, All Dancing tent on Saturday evening.  Bhangra is a dance originating from the Punjab region of India which has become a worldwide sensation. Characterized by light steps and dance patterns, it’s great fun to learn and King G Mall and his Dhol Blasters will guide you through some of the main steps and iconic body moves.

Sunday 30 July

The Spooky Men’s Chorale – SING LIKE A BLOKE (blokes of all genders welcome)
Stephen Taberner and his trusted henchmen from the Spooky men’s Chorale share secrets from the spooky lexicon, including getting in touch with your inner 22 stone tribal chieftain, how to sob like a man, and how to look good in profile. Oh yes- you’ll also some magnificently grandiose songs from the spooky repertoire, including a useful song for building pyramids with. And they are always happy to field questions on beard manicuring, safe polishing of tools, and how to dispose of mastodon carcasses thoughtfully. This is a workshop for absolutely everyone, ESPECIALLY people who haven’t sung for a long, long time.

Banxy Hip Hop dance (UK)
Join local Swindon legend Banxy for a fantastic  hip-Hop dance workshop. As one of the original practitioners of the b boy/b girl, street and hip hop genre, he has taught the core fundementals of this ever popular art form to participants for over 20 years. His workshop will  offer participants the chance to learn new and challenging moves and explore individual creativity.

Chico Trujillo
This workshop is a must for anyone beguiled by Latin American music . Chico Trujillo have forged their own version of Cumbia, but this workshop presents for the first time their reworkings of a group of  Peruvian and Chilean waltzes and Boleros- such tear-jerkers that they are referred to as “musica cebolla”- onion music. The workshop will also feature political hip-hop artist Ana Tijoux , who mixes traditional Andean rhythms into her music, and is considered an heir to the chilean tradition of political songwriting typified by Victor Jara.

Taiko Meantime with Chieko Kojima – Elements of ‘Dojoji’
This workshop/demonstration is a great opportunity different elements of Japanese music and dance culture . Taiko Meantime members will lead the ever-popular Taiko drumming, whilst Chieko Kojima will show some traditional dance and demonstrate her unique feminine style of drumming. Clive Bell and Hibiki Ichikawa will also play the shino-bue flute and tsugaru-shamisen. A must-see for all fans of Japanese music and culture.

Ripton Lindsay  Jus’ Dance
Facilitated by Jamaican dancer and choreographer, Ripton Lindsay, these workshops combines a mix of his traditional Jamaican dance moves as well as reggae, calypso and creative movements. The concept is all based around movements and to highlight that there’s a dancer that dwells within us all. The workshops are based around a fun an energetic steps leading into a routine at the end of the session. It’s also designed to exercise the mind in a sense of remembering the steps taught leading into the routine and dance steps calculation in the process. A workshop which caters for all and resonates the music of traditional Jamaican and Caribbean rhythms along with eclectic global sounds.