WOMAD has bars a plenty with a fine selection of lagers, spirits, wines and, of course, delicious ales. In fact our Real Ale Tent has over a dozen different ales from local breweries. Look out for the cider bar which, this year, has doubled in size to accommodate an amazing array of draught ciders and Perrys.

We're looking for bar staff to join the wonderful WOMAD team. Volunteering information coming soon.

Molly's Bar: A Note from Molly ...


Dress Code: Ritzy & Spiffy... Feathers & beads will be most welcome

... I just had to put paw to paper to ensure you pay visit this year to Molly's Bar at WOMAD. For swooshing skirts, swinging tunes and an air of eccentric sophistication, welcome to my very own themed bar, where one can dance, drink and be merry to the early hours. Open 2pm - 4am, indulge your senses with totally tremendous tunes and unyielding hooch - perfect for all you night owls out there. Think speakeasy with extra hot sauce.
So... what can you expect?
Expect the unexpected, my dear. And look out for the dishy details coming to you from us at Molly's Bar soon.

In the meantime, if you fancy a nose into my decadent lifestyle ...and to keep in touch with line-up announcements or find out how to sign up for workshops, please give me a poke (wink wink) on Facebook ... apparently I'm even on twitter ... whatever next ...

Oh yes, by the way, I'm a little dog. See you at Molly's 2pm-4am ...

Molly xx