Yazz Ahmed’s Hafla Band


Futuristic jazz with one foot in Arabia

Some jazz musicians are content to work within existing parameters, reluctant both to nudge the music into unknown territory and to find the ears of new converts. The music of Yazz Ahmed takes the opposite position. Whether playing trumpet or flugelhorn, this British-Bahraini musician is always pushing, pushing, pushing. In taking her music into experimental quarters, she’s arguably been influenced by many of the impressive collaborators that her CV boasts – the likes of Radiohead, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Joan As Policewoman. Yazz’s music isn’t ever tethered to the past. It’s very much the future sound of jazz, her instrument’s twinkling, drifting notes enhanced by absorbing electronic touches. Not only that but applying Arabic scales to jazz is a clear attempt to explore her Bahraini heritage. Indeed, Yazz’s mission appears to be summed up by the title of her debut album: Finding My Way Home.

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